+MediaSapiens Agency

Initially we wanted to write smth very fashionable and hipster-like, e.g. “What is marketing? Evidently any myth needs actualizing, but…” But with such a text we would sound too greedy. It is quite clear to everyone that the money that we did not manage to earn in the 90s will still not be earned in the 00s

That’s why we decided to share the truth.


+MediaSapiens Agency Our +++


We create trustworthy info products guided by a principle of working with your brand as if it was ours. We are used to spending our own money and saving the client’s.


We amaze and shock to keep your projects popular. We create panic and evoke passion to make your business earn. Our creativity ends where nonsence starts.


We deeply respect and truly appreciate our audience. That is why we let people believe that the imposed ideas and decisions were their own.